"Justice" Witchburner Alito home demo July 30 reportback

Video-dance party at Alito's 1 min 54 sec

On the 30th of July, protesters again returned to the home of antichoice Supreme Court "Justice" Alito. The protest resembled a dance party at some times.This helps drive off the spell cast by Alito's citing of infamous 17th century judge Matthew Hale, who had two women executed for witchcraft.

Alito's Curse (w the help of other antichoice "Justices") has set loose a storm of hatred and discrimination in the so-called "United States." Already a ten year old girl had to travel across state lines for medical care after being raped. Already we have Florida's medical board proposing to ban all medical treament for transgender folks and replace it with "conversion therapy"(hearing Fri, Aug 5). Already we have Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton offering to defend a renewal of Texas's old "sodomy" law which a prior SCOTUS struck down in front of the current excuse for a court. A hurricane of hate has been unleashed, and even darker clouds of Fascist street violence, another election theft, and even outright civil war are gathering. The stench of 1931 in Germany is in the air.

A recent poll cited by the Washington post found one in 3 US gun owners and one in four US residents generally, when asked said they believed it would "soon" be necessary to take up arms against the US government. Had Alito ruled the other way on Dobbs, these clouds would be dissipating, with the extreme right demoralized as they were after their defeat at Jan 6, 2021 at the US Capitol.

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