Women's March reportback

Video-chasing right wing trash out of the Women's March 5 min 14 sec

Update Oct 8, late night: Simultanious protests held at homes of all 6 antichoice Supreme Court "Justices" Video-the protest at Kavanaugh's house 1 min 16 sec

On the 8th of October, the Women's March returned to Capitol Hill for another mass march against SCOTUS's decision to scuttle Roe Vs Wade and permit about half the US to ban abortion outright. At least two groups of counterprotesters and several far-right media teams(notably the Daily Signal) were driven away by more militant protesters.

One protester was arrested but released shortly later, it is possible this arrest (by Capitol Police) was intended as a diversion to pull protesters away from the fundamentalist Christians.

The Women's March was held exactly one month before the 2022 mid-term election. Many fear that this election may be the very last chance to keep the US from turning into a dictatorship led by Trump or DeSantis. This is due to the large number of pro-Trump candidates for state Secretaries of State, who certify election results. Trump bragged in a speech over the weekend that "we get our country back" meaning that the GOP could never again be defeated, if these thugs get into office. A return to power of the GOP in both houses of Congress would also nearly guarantee that Trump or Desantis could steal the 2024 election. At that point the GOP would control both houses of Congress plus the White House and abortion would probably become a Federal felony, affecting all 50 states. Even international travel for abortion might be criminalized, with existing laws governing overseas "Sex tourism" as the legal precedent.

Lead banner of the Women's March

March stretched for many blocks

Calling out GOP hypocrisy on abortion (e.g Herschel Walker)

Some of the fascists chased away by more militant pro-choice activists

Covering up theocratic banner on tall poles with another banner

Main group of counterprotesters was MUCH smaller than Women's March. Man on point for this is wearing a MAGA hat

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