TPP trade talks draw protests and sit-in, one activist dragged from building

On the 8th of December, TPP or Trans-Pacific Partnership trade talks opened in DC. As the talks began activsts outside staged a sit-in on the steps of the USTR or United States Trade Representatives office, the location of the meetings. Two attempts to deliver a letter demanding release of the proposed TPP text were rebuffed, with one activst dragged out of the building after the second attempt.

A few hours later, hundreds more protesters marched around the USTR building, including both labor and environmental activists.

Video of activists trying to deliver letter, being dragged out of USTR

Video-hundreds march around USTR against "secret" TPP trade talks and "fast track"

An activst is dragged out of USTR after the second attempt to peacefully deliver a letter

The sit-in outside USTR around 9 AM

A much larger rally at noon

Hundreds march around USTR

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