Park Service found shooting deer in Rock Creek on Dec 8

On the 8th of December, The National Park Service's contract deer shooters showed up the earliest they have yet been seen to kill deer in Rock Creek Park. They claim 300 deer in Rock Creek is too many, even though there are nearly 600,000 people in the surrounding city. Animal rights activists are patrolling the woods to document and when possible disrupt this "cull" of the Rock Creek Deer

The Park Service contracts USDA's "wildlife services" to do the shooting, even though Wildlife Services is notorious for cruelty to animals in other areas. They are known for using poisons and traps against coyotes in particular

Spooky video shot during surveillance run showing NPS blockade positions

Barricades and a lit-up truck in the community gardens off Oregon Ave. This is what the Park Service does when they are setting up to shoot deer behind the barricaded positiion

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