Solidarity protest for Iran marches on White House

Video: Speaking out on regime horrors(from raw clips by Our Rights DC) 3min 2 sec

On the 19th of November, members of the Iranian disapora and their supporters once again marched in DC demanding the end of the theocratic regime in Iran. After the kickoff rally protesters marched on the Washington Monument and the White House.

This comes a week after (delayed) reports of the theocracy's parliament voted to beg the courts to impose "severe punishment" on all 15,000 arrestees from the uprising in the country. That report led to fears that all 15,000 would be executed but even in Iran this cannot be done by a legislative bill, only the courts.

Iran's courts however have already sentenced one person to death.Protesters at the Nov 19 rally in DC said the only people who should be in Iran's prisons are the members of the regime and especially Khamani. In many places protesters have gone farther, with calls for Khamani's execution. He won't be able to run to the United States like the Shah did-unless of course Christian theocrats like Fl Governor DeSantis end up in the White House and other positions of power, AND agree to shelter theocrats of religions other than their own. Iran's regime is quite literally in it up to their necks, having killed over 300 protesters with gunshots and pellets in street battles.

Still from Our Rights DC video

Still from Our Rights DC video

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