Protesters show up at FOX news against the hate spewing from their broadcasts

Video-passing drivers honk against FOX News's hate 18 seconds

On the 29th of November, protesters showed up outside FOX News, opposing the hate they have been spewing. Passing drivers were asked to honk to show their support and many did. After the terrorist attack on Club Q and other recent events, renewed attention is being payed to the recruiters feeding the ranks of hate and religious extremism. One of these is FOX.

This is just like fighting Daesh/ISIS: shooters are a dime a dozen. You have to take them down but it's like mowing the grass-it grows back. Putting recruiters out of action can cut off the supply of new terrorists, so recruiters like FOX News,Tucker Carlson et all become high value chokepoints in the entire infrastructure of hate, fascism, and theocracy.

Photo by Our Rights DC

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