Killer cops GUILTY on all charges in death of Karon Hylton, Karon's mother arrested in court

Video-the Oct 28, 2020 siege and bombardment of MPD's 4D precinct over the murder of Karon Hylton, for which two cops were just found GUILTY. 1 min 21 sec

On Dec 21, Killer DC cops Terrence Sutton and Le Andrew Zabavsky were found GUILTY on all charges, murder included for the death of Karon Hylton. Both were released on GPS monitoring, unlike Karon's mother, who was arrested inside the courtroom. Unlike the killer cops, she is scheduled to spend the holidays in a hellhole of a Federal detention center. Pure retaliation by cops and US Marshalls.

This is the statement posted to Twitter by Harriet's dreams:

"Karon’s mother was just arrested in the courtroom. She yelled out in joy our activists took her out of the courtroom as marshals rushed her. They are lying saying she assaulted one of the officers. She is being taken to Alexandria detention center. This is retaliation."

Terrence Sutton was found guilty of obstruction of justice-and of MURDER, the first time this has ever happend to a DC cop for an on-duty killing. His codefendent Lt Andrew Zabavsky was found guilty of obstruction of justice and of conspiracy. These criminals are free on bond, though hopefully their ankle bracelets will soon rub their ankles raw.

It took a lot of street fighting followed by political and courthouse pressure to get convictions against these two mindless brutes. Now the US Marshalls have retaliated against Karon's mother, sore losers and vengeful street thugs that they are. If they insist on keeping this fight going instead of cutting their losses, they should remember the night of Oct 28, 2020, when MPD's 4D precinct was beseiged and bombarded with bottles and heavy mortar fireworks. They should also consider the possibilty of being prosecuted themselves for abuse of process and false arrest, possibly joining Terrence Sutton and Lt Andrew Zabavsky in prison down the road. No more bullshit, no more brutality!

What it took to get Terrence Sutton convicted of murder and Lt Andrew Zabavsky convicted of obstruction and conspiracy

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