Silver Spring DQSH defenders defeat pushing, shoving Proud Boys

Video: Rainbow dressed Parasol Patrol holds their own against pushing, shoving Proud Boys 1 min 37 sec

On the 18th of February, Proud Boys failed in an apparent attempt to physically bull their way into Silver Spring, MD Drag Queen Story Hour. For all the fighting outside the show went on inside with zero disruption!

The fighting was tough, the police did almost nothing about their fashy friends the Proud Boys (as expected) and at least one defender was injured. For all of that, this was a defeat for the Proud Boys due to their failure to disrupt the show or drive off patrons. The video the Proud Boys put out showed almost none of the fighting, focussing mostly on their banner drop as the rest was a humiliating defeat for them.

Still from video from raw clips by Our Rights DC

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