Major Battle in Weelaunee Forest: most construction shit burned, cops retaliate against MUSIC FESTIVAL

Video compilation: dozers etc burn, cops assault music festival w rifles and armored vehicle. 3 min 30 sec

Much happened in the Weelaunee Forest on the 5th of March, the second day of the March 4-11 week of action. Forest defenders managed to burn most of the "construction infrastructure" of the project, only to have cops assault a music festival (at least 35 arrests) later in the day.

As a march approached the fenced zone where construction and surveillance equipment is kept, cops fleeing the march were basically chased into the lot,a flurry of fireworks setting them to flight. After they retreated, a bulldozer, two police "UTV" vehicles, a surveillance tower, and an office trailer were put to the torch.

Later, a storm of cops descended on a music festival that was not even in the same area as the fires, tackled a number of people, pointed a loaded rifle at children and in a "bouncy house" and ultimately made 25 arrests bearing seemingly no relation to the earlier battle that ended in defeat for the police. Eventually they even brought an armored vehicle known as the "beast," only to have it get stuck and have to tow it out.

Tanks are one thing police armored vehicles are NOT: wheels not tracks(so they get stuck in mud, very thin armor, no main gun. More like a very light armored personel carrier on wheels.

These fires speak loud enough for even the Mayor of Atlanta to hear them

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