Nazi w 1488 banner at Supreme Court draws mace, gets tackled

Video that somehow got out of TPUSA's shop of Nazi drawing mace, being tackled after "1488" hate banner incident 1 min 3 sec

There's only one way to play football with Nazis-TACKLE!

Nazis with "1488" Banner miss memo that Trans Day of Vengeance was cancelled, get tackled at Supreme Court. One drew pepper spray (originally thought to be a knife) but wasn't fighter enough to use it before getting his weapon hand pinned amd finally arrested by cops.

For some reason TPUSA let this video out of their shop even though the anti-LGBTQ scumbags they are defending are hard Nazis and responded to losing a fight with mace.

Man in black was holding the "1488" banner, went for his pepper spray, which was originally thought to be a knife in the heat of battle (circled)

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