AIPAC dinner attendees run gauntlet of protesters on the way out

On the 2nd of March, AIPAC delegates attending a fancy dinner at the Washington Convention Center were the subject of a second day in a row of confrontation. While they ate a noisy protest took place outside, and when they emerged they had to run the gauntlet of protesters. Members of Congress emerging from the AIPAC bribefest were singled out by name to be "named and shamed."

The AIPAC event charged attendees other than members of Congress $600 to attend, with a $400 "special" offered as of the second day. It is unknown whether members of Congress also have to pay this, but the campaign cash they get back from AIPAC surely is many times this much. AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) has long been synonomous with Congressional bribery. The name suggests a "Political Action Committee" or PAC, these organizations exist primarily to dispense campaign cash, but I am not sure if a PAC set up by foreign agents is legal under US law. Using the name "Public Affairs Committee" while performing the same function is of course a workaround to any such legislation.

Video of attendees "running the gauntlet" as protesters name and shame them

Vigil outside the Convention Center before the AIPAC attendees began to emerge

AIPAC delegates had to leave by this ramp past a very loud protest, some finding more waiting for them at the end of the ramp

Daesh(ISIS) is not the only terrorist in the Middle East. This sign refers to the 16 year old burned alive by settlers at the start of the Summer 2014 war

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