Code Pink confronts AIPAC in House office buildings as Bibi speaks

On the 3rd of March, Code Pink got into the Longworth House Office Building as Israeli Prime Minister Nehtanyahu gave his speech. Both Code Pink and AIPAC director Cohen then attempted to enter speaker Boehner's office but that one was locked. Code Pink then chased AIPAC's director Robert Cohen through the halls before storming Representative Stivers' office after him.After being driven from the office by cops they managed to boo the speech at a "watch party" surrounded by unhappy AIPAC members.

Most Capitol Hill staffers apparently saw the speech from "watch parties" over video, since the actual Joint Session presumably would not accomodate them. With no report of Code Pink managing to get into the jount session itself, it appears they hit one of the watch parties, one with many AIPAC attendees, as an alternate target.There were actually public service announcements over the PA system throughout Congress that cheering Bibi's speech was OK but booing would be considered "disruptive." He was widely booed anyway, presumably by Deomcrats furious with his efforts to undermine President Obama's diplomatic efforts to secure an agreement with Iran limiting their nuclear program. This while Israel has an estimated 300 undeclared nuclear weapons.

There was even a report that US Capitol Police were summoned to the Rayburn building in response to Code Pink booing Nehtanyah's speech. So much for Congress as a place of debate or for the people to petition their "representatives" for redress of grievances!

Youtube video-Code Pink chases AIPAC director, storms Rep Stiver's office

Medea Benjamin asks AIPAC members at "watch party" for Bibi's speech whether they are loyal to Obama or Nehatanyu

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