"Plague of Debt" street theater marches from IMF to Mall during Cherry Blossoms

On the 12th of April, anti-globalization protesters staged a "Plague of Debt" street theater event against the IMF/World Bank meetings.

Street theater video

To chants alternating "bring out your dead" with "bring out your debt," activists appeared to die in the street and be loaded into a cart like during the days of the Bubonic Plague. The entire performance began at the delegate entry checkpoints, then marched to the Mall, originally with the intentiojn of going all the way to the Cherry Blossom Festival. Crowds leaving the festival were so dense this was very difficult, so the march turned back after reaching the Mall and proceeded to the White House, another area packed with tourists needed to be educated about the plague of illegitimate debt the IMF and World Bank have saddled much of the world with.