Three days of protest against animal abuse at Ringlings circus

On the 20th of March, animal rights protesters showed up for the second night in a row outside a DC performance of Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey circus. On the 21st of March even more protesters were present throughout the daytime performance of the circus One of the protesters on March 20th was a former elephant trainer displaying a real bullhook, the instrument used to beat the elephants into submission. Ringlings has announced they will retire the elepant acts, but not all the other animals such as tigers

At a previous Ringlings show in DC, spectators reported seeing the tigers beaten onstage. Also, activists are worried about exactly what Ringlings has in store for the elephants once they are no longer a source of profit.

Video featuring former elephant trainer with bullhook on display and another activist speaking on the future of Ringling's elephants

The scene on March 21, the 3ed and final day of protest as multiple groups showed up

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