White House vigiler tasered for "too many signs" combines many into one giant sign

Video interview with activist tasered by Park Police

On the 13th of April, White House peace vigil participant Barry Knight answered the Park Police decision to taser him for "too many signs" a couple weeks ago by combining as many signs as possible into a single giant sign.

Once again US Park Police Sgt Reed, the cop who first tasered an Occupier back in Jan 2012 showed up to harass Barry. This time no arrest resulted, nor any further taser incident as Reed was entirely out of line and could apparently do nothing when Barry stood his ground. I have received information that even a member of Secret Service has condemned the Park Police for excessive force in the March 29 taser attack and arrest for some made-up "too many signs" violation. Park Police are now claiming nobody is allowed to have more than two protest signs, don't know whether that is only at the White House or everywhere.

Still the name of the Park Police has long been associated with brutality not only among Occupy activists but all over DC. Everywhere I go the US Park Police, at least those who are seen on DC streets, have a reputation for brutality as well as stupidity and general aggression.

Read 'em and weep, Sgt Reed!