TPP Opponents, striking contract workers march on US Capitol

On the 22nd of April, hundreds of striking janitors,cooks, and other workers from Federal contractors marched on the US Capitol demanding $15 an hour and union representation. They were joined by a second group of activists protesting the TPP "fast track" bill that would allow any TPP deal a no-amendment, minimal debate up or down vote on a simple majority when most Senate business requires 60 votes.

The striking contract workers were part of a national "Fight for Fifteen" day of strikes and walkouts from fast food restaurants, government contractors and others paying unlivably low wages. Meanwhile, on the 22nd of April a TPP draft chapter was leaked containing text ("cooperation among regulators")that would subject new state and local laws to prior review by some kind of international trade body. (PDF here) This could have the effect of prohibiting things like increases in the minimum wage in the US or any other nation signing this ugly excuse for a treaty.

The Senate Finance Committee's April 22 hearing on the TPP was disrupted by activsts speaking out and raising signs. In addition, AFL-CIP President Richard Trumka testified at the hearing, asking the Senate to reject Obama's "fast-track" bill.

Video-anti-TPP crazy train joins hundreds of striking contract workers on Capitol Hill

The TPP fast-track crazy train goes off the rails and into the streets

Striking Federal contract workers on the move for $15 an hour

Disrupting the Sen Finance Committee hearing on TPP "fast-track"-John Zangas photo

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