8 arrests at Pentagon in protest of military pollution and fossil fuel use

On Earth Day, the 22nd of April, antiwar activists showed up first at the EPA and then at the Pentagon to condemn the huge usage of fossil fuels and massive pollution by the US military. Eight of the protesters were arrested at the Pentagon for leaving the so-called "free speech zone" to deliver a letter to the Pentagon and request a meeting with Pentagon officials.

At the EPA, one of the speakers called out the US military for having only .0002% of world's population, yet producing 5% of all global warming emissions on Earth. That's from 1.4M active duty US military out of 7 billion people, with oil consumption alone running at 1 million barrels per day. Not only is the military the single largest user of fossil fuels, they are also a major source of toxic waste. Nuclear waste in particular often originates with the US military and its various suppliers. Chemical weapons have also created toxic sites, one of them near American University right here in DC.

Arrested at the Pentagon: SOA Watch photo

Marching from Pentagon City metro to the Pentagon-SOA Watch photo

Another arrest by the Pentagon-SOA Watch photo

So-called "free speech zone" at the Pentagon Metro-SOA Watch photo

Cops waiting for anyone to step out of the Free Speech Freedom Cage-SOA Watch photo

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