Breaking: Keystone tar sands pipeline decision to be delayed until after election

Once again the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline has been hit with a new delay. Reuters is reporting that the State Department is going to extend the "government comment period," likely delaying an decision until after the November 2014 mid-term election.

Meanwhile, they have lost their route in Nebraska after both the "governor-only" permitting process and the eminent domain process TransCanada used were found unconstitutional, and their Nebraska state permit to build the pipeline at all expires on June 20, 2014.

Obama cannot make ANY decision on the pipeline, neither for nor against it, without either sending pro-Earth voters home in the next election after the decision or risking the same with the construction unions if he blocks it outright. Although this pipeline creates very few jobs, the oil industry has been stirring up fears that blocking it would send union voters home. From what I have heard very few unions not involved directly in the construction of oil pipelines will toe that line, but Obama is not known for political courage. Still, after the 2014 mid-terms is the 2016 Presidential election, then the 2018 mid-term elections, and so on. Perhaps that's how this pipeline will be stopped: one election at a time until the funding dries up and the investors pull the plug.

There is one more factor in this delay: On Earth Day, a combination of Native Americans on horseback and ranchers threatened by the pipeline will be arriving in DC, and staying at least until the big "Reject and Protect" rally on April 26. Meanwhile, the Lakota are setting up tipi camps directly blocking the route of the proposed pipeline. Possibly Obama does not want to be seen building the Keystone in the faces of the Lakota? Unfortunately, it is just as likely that he somehow thinks waiting until winter to build the pipeline will freeze out the Lakota tipi camps. Well, the Mi'kmaq Warrior Society was able to stay out and block SouthWest Energy from exploring for fracked gas on their land-in New Brunswick, Occupied Canada, in November and December!