Rockville Confederate Statue Historically Corrected

In Rockville, MD, a statue of a Confederate soldier sits outside a courthouse. Courthouses are one of the most important places people of color face systematic abuse, getting different "justice" than whites get. The Confederate statue outside is a symbol of the racism inside. On the morning of July 27, the words "Black Lives Matter" were found painted on the statue. County Executive Isaih Legget says the statue will soon be moved but no decision has been made on where. County officials were so fast to have the truth power-washed from the statue that only the original photos by an Uber driver clearly show the artist's work.

The mainstream media is reporting that no security cameras can observe the area around the base of the statue so there is no footage and no leads as to the identity of the heroes who did this. So long as they let the deed speak for itself and don't boast to potential snitches their chances of being harassed by the police for this should be exactly zero. The cops claim they are seeking footage from businesses, but this is unlikely as what business would buy a camera only to point it down the street at a courthouse? They don't even know what time the statue got redecorated, meaning if they wanted to look at the take from ten security cameras at least 100 hours of footage would have to be manually reviewed. Most likely their words are meant to sow fear and are nothing but bluffing. After all. filing charges for this would cause a highly public, politically charged trial drawing protesters from both DC and Baltimore to Rockville.

This photo was run on CBS TV9's website but credited to "?@nutzarieus," their own photos showed the remnants of the graffiti after the county hurredly tried to whitewash away the words "Black Lives Matter"

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