Direct Action Everywhere disrupts Maryland State Fair over animal abuse

On the 31st of August, Direct Action Everywhere activists disrupted the Maryland State Fair where children are brainwashed into objectifying other animals to enable the exploiters to continue profiting from the animal slaughter. Row after row of animals were kept in pens as humans walked by gawking at them. Children aggressively led or rode animals around rings hoping to win ribbons. Animals who resisted, with eyes wide with fear, were forcefully controlled.

The goal of the activists was to persuade the humans to connect with animals and confront the objectification they have been conditioned into. In all forms of exploitation those in power use the same tricks A: Tell the majority that their differences make them superior to the ones being objectified B: Tell the majority that the victims deserve what happens to them C: Tell the majority the Bible supports this exploitation D: Continue to highlight the differences as if the exploited group is bad, less able, deserving of the exploitation.

Here is a (Youtube) video of one of the cows being judged. He is afraid, but the girl keeps a tight hold on his harness and uses a long stick with a spike on the end to correct him.

Over and over it is the same. It is time to learn from our mistakes and gain true compassion and justice; true peace.

Across the street from the Maryland State Fair is another purveyor of exploitation, a bar-b-q restaurant. Direct Action Everywhere activists went in to ask the people there to consider their victims and please transition to a non-exploitative lifestyle. There was even someone wearing a pig costume while selling the flesh of pigs!

Video: Cows abused, activists hustled out of fair

Hook used on cows at MD State fair. Looks like a bullhook used by circuses on elephants

Cows bulhooked, activists hustled out of MD State Fair
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