Native American chiefs wade into reflecting pool against Keystone XL

On the 24th of April, two Native American tribal chiegs waded into the Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool in opposition to the Keystone XL. They held a banner reading "standing in the water could get me arrested. TransCanada pollutes drinking water and nothing happens." Police chose not to arrest them, had they done so the publicity would have been very bad for TransCanada and their "pipe dream." Let's just say TransCanada follows the way of the wrong kind of pipe!

Meanwhile, others set up a mock Keystone XL around part of the reflecting pool. This was followed by a march down Constitution Ave, passing by both the State Department and the White House, key places where the decision to reject the tar sands pipeline will be made.

Video-Cowboys and Indians march on Constitution Ave

Photo cropped from a John Zangas photo

DC Media Group photo

Setting up the mock Keystone XL-John Zangas photo

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