Native Americans and ranchers protest KXL at Kerry's home, block Wisc and M

On the 25th of April, Reject and Protect showed up in front of Secretary of State John Kerry's fancy Georgetown house.They were there to demand he reject the permit for the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline to cross the US-Canadian border.

Video of Kerry home demo and Wisc/M st round dance

Yes, the Keystone XL and the Canadian tar sands really have turned into the Huntingdon Life Sciences of oil, right down to home demos at the posh luxury houses of those who have the power of decision to shut them down!

Tribal chiefs and leaders of othe faiths held prayers across the street from the house, as the Secret Service had barricaded the street in front of it with IMF-style bicycle rack fencing. People reported on Twitter that they had lots of problems with cell phone so their real-time pictures could not get out. Of course, this kind of jamming had no effect at on traditional cameras, thus was ineffective at suppressing coverage of the event. For that matter, an NBC News cameraman was also seen at the protest.

One of the high points of the prayers was a ceremony in which water from the Ogallala Aquifer, which expected leaks from the Keystone XL would poison forever. Some of the ranchers brought water from the Ogallala Aquifer with them to drink, finding urban water in cities they have seen before undrinkable by comparison. It is this sort of untainted water that ranchers and Native Americans alike find themselves forced to fight for! By comparison, one of the tribal leaders reported hearing stories of people in bands near the tar sands pits not being able to bathe their children for more than two minutes at a time due to the prevalence of childhood cancer caused by contaminated water from the tar sands mining.

After the prayers, everyone marched back to Wisconsin Ave and down to M st, where a round dance was held blocking what may be the single busiest intersection in all of DC. Knowing the political consequences of any arrests, the cops held back other than a "warnng number one" during the street march to M st and nobody was arrested.

The scene outside Sec of State Kerry's house. It is across the street behind the barricades

Barricades and Secret Service identify Kerry's home for all to see and recognize

A round dance blocks Wisconsin Ave

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