ALERT: White Racists expected to harass Mayday march on May 1st

There are reports that the Southern League and/or the so-called "Traditional Youth," both white racist groups, may counterprotest the Mayday parade May 1

Reportback from Mayday
Video of May 1 confrontation with a dozen racists

The White Student Union that caused so many problems and wrongful arrests last year no longer exists, but other racist organizations apparently want more of the same.

It is considered most likely that the racists will be at the White House, but there are reports some of them may show up at Malcolm X Park or even attempt to confront the march along the route between Malcolm X Park and the White House.

We need everyone we can get to show up for Mayday, given this danger. Gather at 5PM at Malcolm X Park, the march will depart at 6PM.

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