Antiwar protesters greet Obama's Iraq War speech

On the 10th of September, Obama gave a speech formally announcing the US was return to war in Iraq and now also in Syria, but only from the air supposedly. Antiwar protesters were in front of the White House booing some of his more bellicose words. One of the protesters said Obama wanted to bomb Assad last year, but now wants to join with Assad to bomb Islamic State. Which side is he on in Syria anyway-the chemical weapons side, or the religious extremism side?

54 sec video clip including booing protesters

Police cars crowd Bike Party, drive dangerously

Video of the ride showing police interactions

On the 10th of September, several DC cops assigned to or othewise escorting the monthly Bike Party drive their cars in ways that made some of the riders feel they were being put as risk for a collision. They muscled their cars directly into the packs of riders, followed riders ahead of them too closely, and as a result had to make sudden stops that put riders behind them at risk of ramming the police cruisers if they could not stop quickly.

A police cruiser crowds into the ride across the double yellow line

Alliance for Appalachia blockades Obama's Council on Environmental Quality over MTR coal mining

On the 9th of September, the Alliance for Appalachia delivered a very bad report card (mostly incompletes and an F-) to Obama's Council on Environmental Quality for five years of broken promises on protecting people from water being poisoned by mountaintop removal coal mining. While a traditional square dance provided support several people blocked the steps in a civil disobedience.

Video of bucket brigade, square dance, and reaction to cops throwing report card into trash

Square dancers support a blockade of Obama's "Council on Environmental Quality"

GLBTQ immigration advocates protest "death sentence deportations" at White House

On the 9th of September, GLBTQ immigration rights activists held a rally at the White House demanding protection from deportation, which can be especially dangerous GLBTQ when people are returned to homophobic countries like Uganda or post-coup Honduras.

Video-one of the speakers explains the physical dangers of being deported back to homophobic countries like Russia or Uganda

Earth Quaker Action Team shuts down PNC branch over MTR coal mining, moonshine mixer follows

On the 8th of September, Earth Quaker Action team showed up at the Dupont Circle branch of PNC Bank, intending to enter the bank and perfrom a "4th grade math" themed skit against PNC's investments in mountaintop removal coal mining. Upon arrival the bank branch was found closed, with customers being turned away at the door. The branch appeared to have been closed long enough before protesters arrived that all but a few of those who got in before the closure had finished their business and left. The few remaining customers were escorted out by security when the finished, but no new customers were allowed to enter.
Video of protest that shut down PNC Bank at Dupont Circle

Earth Quaker Action Team in front of PNC Bank