Jim Graham and Fox News trying to close DC General family shelter

On May 13, Faux News ran a feature segment starring Jim Graham calling for closing the shelter for homeless families with children at DC General. It was one of the ugliest "reports" I have seen on Faux in years.

Opponents of turning McMillan Park to condos and offices protest at zoning hearing

On the 13th of May, DC residents opposing filling in city-owned McMillan Park with condos and offices protested outside the Zoning commission, then packed the hearing.

Video on Archive, click to play, right click-menu to download

A banner outside the zoning commission

Occupy the FCC has 5 tents up, pickets the FCC every noon and evening rush

Part of the "Occupy the FCC" net neutrality campaign has been daily noon and 5PM pickets in front of the FCC.

Downloadable/click to play in newer browsers HD 720P video

Another drone vigil shuts down entrance to CIA headquarters

On the second Saturday of each month, anti-armed drone protesters hold a vigil at the CIA's Dolly Madison Blvd entrance. Each time, the CIA tapes off and closes that entrance. May 2014 was no exception.

Photo by Ted Majdosz

FCC "People's Firewall" occupation extended until May 15 vote on Internet toll lanes

The occupation of the area around FCC headquarters has been extended until the May 15 vote on net neutrality or the Chairman's proposal to do away with it. On that day a larger noise demonstration will take place at 9AM outside the FCC, to ensure the voice of the people is heard inside.

May 9th Youtube video update on FCC/net neutrality situation