Activists call out past Washington Post role in concealing CIA torture

On the 10th of December, the Washington Post ran a front-page story about the Congressional CIA torture report. Unfortunately, this sort of journalism is the exception, not the rule there. Also on Dec 10th, protesters outside the Washington Post charged the newspaper with being the State Department's mouthpiece in covering up decades of CIA cooperation with torture by right-wing regimes in Central America, and involvement on both sides of the "war on drugs." Particular attention was given to the alleged 2004 "suicide" of former Iran-Contra reporter Gary Webb, found with TWO gunshot wounds to the head.

Police in Oakland, CA fire on civl rights protesters with "non-lethal" rounds from freeway overpass

Late night (Eastern time) on Dec 9, ugly reports surfaced on Twitter that police had opened fire on protesters taking over the freeway with so-called "less lethal" rubber or similar bullets, sending several protesters to the hospital with head wounds.

Youtube video of police attacks on civil rights protesters

Second night of Rock Creek deer shooting draws protesters

Late night on Dec 9, the National Park Service began shooting deer for the second night in a row. This time they had some unwelcome attention from nearby residents and animal rights activists furious with the slaughter. The Park Service vehicles appeared to retreat from the protesters, and several roadblocks that existed prior to the protest were removed during it. It appears that one or two areas in which deer were to be shot were abandoned due to the protests.

Short video of the protest

Park Service found shooting deer in Rock Creek on Dec 8

On the 8th of December, The National Park Service's contract deer shooters showed up the earliest they have yet been seen to kill deer in Rock Creek Park. They claim 300 deer in Rock Creek is too many, even though there are nearly 600,000 people in the surrounding city. Animal rights activists are patrolling the woods to document and when possible disrupt this "cull" of the Rock Creek Deer

Spooky video shot during surveillance run showing NPS blockade positions

Barricades and a lit-up truck in the community gardens off Oregon Ave. This is what the Park Service does when they are setting up to shoot deer behind the barricaded positiion

6th night in row of protests after Eric Garner decision blocks 14th st Bridge

On the 8th of December, civil rights protesters shut down streets in evening rush hour for the 6th day in a row since a grand jury refused to indict NY cops for the chokehold death of Eric Garner. This is now the 3ed week of frequent street protests since St Louis cop Darren Wilson was also not indicted in the shooting death Michael Brown. At around 8PM protesters blocked the 14th st Bridge, stopping traffic there for the third time in a week.

Photo: John Zangas, 14th st blockade as time police give 2nd warning