April 2014

NYPD tries, fails to prevent video and photos at Robin Hood March

On the 4th of April, a called for "Wave of Action" began with a Robin Hood march in New York City. Just like the security guards at the State Department, the NYPD attempted and failed to bluff photographers and videographers from shooting video and stills. They issued formal police warnings, and photographers called their bluffs, just like at the State Department here in DC. The first photo here was shot by John Zangas in defiance of the NYPD's unlawful threats.

2nd Day of Keystone protests at State Dept-videographers hassled again

Climate First! is calling for daily protests against the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline at the US Department of State. Beginning yesterday activists have met at the Foggy Bottom Metro and walked to the State Department to hold signs and give out fliers. On the 2nd of March, security guards again tried to order activists not to videotape them but were rebuffed.

Video of police orders not to video being defied, followed by video interview with one of the activists

Keystone XL protesters at Dept of State harassed by police for videotaping

On April 1, Fossil Fools Day, two activists from Climate First! staged the first of what will be an ongoing, 7 days a week protest in front of the US Dept of State against the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. They witnessed police harassing an injured cyclist, and in response security guards claimed falsely that they could not shoot video of them-and that they needed a permit to protest on the sidewalk, which DC law does NOT require.

Video of police harassment

Save the Rock Creek Deer calls for removing park from NPS control after 106 deer shot

Group Condemns National Park Service for Killing 106 Deer in Rock Creek National Park
Calls for Congressional Investigation into Park Mismanagement;
Says Rock Creek National Park should be removed from Park Service control