June 2016

Pro-Palestine/BDS activists protest inside Fidelity Investments over AirBnB settlement activity

On the 3ed of June, as the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza reached 50 years, BDS activists managed to get inside the offices of Fidelity Investments on K st. Fidelity is a major investor in the notorious house-sharing firm AirBnB, known locally as a driver of gentrification. Globally they are known for being active in Israeli Settlements, renting out stolen homes to tourists.

Video from the protest inside Fidelity

Outside Fidelity just after protesters had been inside to deliver BDS petitions

Protest held at OAS against attacks on Venezuala in wake of Brazil coup

On Tuesday, the 31st of May OAS secretary general Luis Almagro called an "emergency meeting" to discuss suspending Venezuela from the OAS. On Wednesday, the 1st of June, supporters of Venezuelan president Maduro showed up in front of the OAS's DC building calling for impeaching Almagro, the president of the OAS instead of overthrowing Venezuelan president Maduro. The two right-wing counterprotesters were outnumbered by Venezuelan citizens at the protest outraged at the OAS attacking their country and fearing a coup may be in the works.

Video-counterprotester says pro-Madura protesters "would be shot in the head"-but by own government or the planned "nonviolent coup?"