June 2016

FERC chairman Norman Bay gets 2nd home demo-featuring Green Party Pres. Candidate Jill Stein

On the 15th of June, Beyond Extreme Energy showed up for the second time at the home of FERC chairman Norman C Bay. They were there to demand an end to FERC's rubberstamping these gas pipeline and fracking projects, and especially of eminent domain for these destructive activities. This time around they were joined by Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein. Earlier in the day, Sen John Barrasso and Politico called Beyond Extreme Energy "extremists" over these very peaceful home demos. Jill Stein responded that "what is extreme here" is extreme energy and the expected 9 foot sea level rise by 2050

Video featuring Jill Stein of the Green Party in front of Norman Bay's house speaking on just what is "extreme"

FERC chair gets another home demo-featuring GP candidate Jill Stein

March against toxic waste site prisons disrupts Bureau of Prisons, FBI, DOJ

On the 13th of June, the Toxic Prison March blockaded streets in front of the Bureau of Prisons, the FBI, and the Dept of Injustice after marching through rush hour traffic. Their primary demand was that proposed Federal supermax prisons at Letcher, KY and at Thomson, IL be cancelled as one site is a moutaintop removal site and the other a military Superfund site. Further demands included the release of ALL prisoners and closure of every prison on the continent.

Video of the Fight Toxic Prisons march

Blocking the streets at the Bureau of Prisons

Fight Toxic Prisons march

Pride goes on in defiance of Orlando attack by Daesh

Early AM on the 12th of June, a gunman swearing alliegance to Daesh (ISIS) shot up a Gay bar in Orlando, FL, killing over 50 people and wounding over 50 more. A second attack was defeated in California when the attacker ran afoul of police. In defiance of the attacks, hundreds of thousands showed up at DC's Capitol Pride festival, the second day of a two-day event. Days earlier, the Washington Blade ran a cover showing Donald Trump wagging his finger and warning GLBTQ people to "Enjoy Pride-it may be your last." The day that was widely circulated was the same day Donald Trump spoke before the anti-Gay group Concerned Women for America. Daesh is but one of many theocratic ememies of GLBTQ rights.

Video from both the July 11 parade and the July 12 festival

Overall scene at Capitol Pride

Pride goes on in face of attacks

Pro bike racing comes to Clarendon, VA

On the 11th of June, the Clarendon Cup bicycle race returned to the streets of Arlington, VA. This particular running was unusual in that a large team breakaway got away very early and lapped the field while the race was less than half over. As the race continued smaller breaks-and a solo rider-managed to escape the main peleton and lap the field themselves, thus getting back into contention and preventing the race from being effectively over. All the winners were from these breaks, with a team sponsored by United Health Care sweeping the podiums.

Video from the 2016 Clarendon Cup

Clarendon Cup bicycle race

Code Pink disrupts Trump speech at Omni Shoreham

On the 10th of June, Donald Trump spoke before the "Road to Majority" conference, an event sponsored by the allegedly faith-based far-right group Concerned Women for America. Outside, protesters called out the hypocrisy of this, given that all major religions condemn the kind of xenophobia and hate Trump is peddling. About ten minutes into Trump's speech, Code Pink activists disrupted him and were expelled by force.

Video of initial protest outside and later disruption of Trump's speech

Protesting and disrupting Trump's hate in DC

Special DC Bike Party rides for Capitol Pride

The Wed, June 8 DC Bike Party was an official part of DC's "Capitol Pride" GBLTQ Pride Week. Despite having been rescheduled from the previous Friday over thunderstorms, hundreds of bicycle riders turned out.

Video of the DC Bike Party Pride Ride

DC Bike Party Pride Ride

Code Pink disrupts Israeli Army colonel's appearance at the Newseum

On the 7th of June, Israel ret Lt Colonel Avital Leibovich had the nerve to speak at the Newseum despite her choice to defend the killing of three reporters by the Israeli Army during one of Israel's many invasions of Gaza. Code Pink got inside and got behind her with multiple banners before being removed by force.

Video originally posted to Youtube by the Electronic Intifada

Confronting  Israel's former IDF spokesperson at the Newseum

Metro construction/partial shutdown leads to near gridlock

The 6th of June was the first day of Metro's emergency "Safe Track" repair program. Construction is being done in a staged manner and started with only delays and not the coming closures. This still put enough extra cars on the road to put some intersections dangerously close to literal gridlock, as some drivers got caught in the intersections as lights changed. Drivers are told to never, ever enter the intersection until there is room to get back out of it, but will disregard this if they fear turning cars will otherwise take the space. If adjacent intersections get blocked this way, the result can be a spreading nightmare of traffic that cannot escape until the gridlock is taken apart from the outside in.

Video showing drivers blocking the box during severe traffic on 16th st about 5:30PM June 6, 2016

Metro Safe Track traffic mess Day 1

Virginians Against Trump marches to Capitol against hate

On the 6th of June, "Virginians Against Trump" marched from the White House to the Capitol to protest the racist candidacy of Donald Trump for president. This was a small but diverse group including supporters of both major parties united by opposition to Trump. The small size and reality that Facebook promises don't equate to turnout reminded me of the first Black Lives Matter rally for Michael Brown rally at the White House in Sumnmer 2014. There too it was apparently the organizer's first time out-but nowhere near the last.

Video Highlights of the march and people's responses

Virginians Against Trump