US attorney turns away activists seeking indictments against Obama, officials for drones

On Tuesday March 25 six members of NCNR followed up at the US Attorney’s office in person to demand action as drone attacks continue to murder innocent people around the world. NCNR maintains that the Obama Administration and the CIA drone program are in violation of U.S. and international law. Video posted by citizen activists to Youtube

When the six activists arrived at the US Attorney’s office at 11:00 am they discovered the doors to the public building were locked. A security officer, John Buffington, came out and told them that they would not be allowed into the building.

DC, March 30-April 5: Spring Days of Action (SOA Watch)

Let your voice be heard in the streets, the halls of power, and at special cultural events throughout the DC area (March 30-April 5).

Pro tar sands ad posters infest Farragut North Metro

On my way to a tar sands protest, I was disgusted by the volume of "Canadian Energy" advertisements aimed at the rich and powerful in and around the Farragut North metro station and even at nearby bus shelters.

Chesapeake Earth First! enters Hill and Knowlton lobby against Enbridge #9

On the 19th of March, Chesapeake Earth First! entered the building housing Hill & Knowlton, lobbyists for Enbridge. This was in response to a First Nations call for solidarity actions against Enbridge for reversing the flow of their old #9 pipeline to carry tar sands oil.

Luke's Video

Police force removal of White House antinuclear vigil tent under threat of arrest

On the 13th of March, US Park Police demanded during the day that the antinuclear vigil in front of the White House remove their property. When told the signs are protected under the First Amendment, they said the tent had to go. They claimed they would be back at 9PM to remove the tent but did not show up as of midnight March 13-14. They were back twice the following day and forced removal of the tent-and all chairs, etc-under threat of arrest in 15 minutes

Video 10PM March 14: Cops remove plywood, force removal of tent, chairs (liveleak)