Reportback from Cove Point gas export hearing

On the 31st of May, FERC held their one and only hearing in Lusby, Calvert County for local residents who will be affected by Dominion Energy's proposal to convert the old Cove Point LNG import plant to a fracked gas export facility. The hearing was carefuly stage-managed to make each opponent of the project think they were alone in one of the most corrupt processes I have ever seen.

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The Line outside Patuxent HS 2 hours before the start of FERC's hearing inside on gas export from Cove Point

Critical Mass draws good crowd May 30

The May 30, 2014 Critical Mass bike ride drew a good crowd with a lot of new riders.

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SOA Watch activists facing charges for street mural

SOA Watch Activists Arrested and Charged with “Defacing Public or Private Property” in Washington, DC for Creating a Mural to Commemorate Victims of SOA Violence

Art is Not a Crime - Drop the Charges

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March on Monsanto takes streets, covers Monsanto's doors with stickers

On the 24th of May, there were Marches on Monsanto in many cities. Here in DC the march took the streets, marched on Monsanto's lobbying headquarters, and left its mark with a blizzard of stickers on Monsanto's doors.

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Anti-torture activists demand closure of GITMO in White House protest

On the 23ed of May, the 1 year anniversary of an Obama speech promising to close Guantanimo Bay, torture survivors and peace activists showed up in front of the White House to call Obama out for this repeatedly broken promise.

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