Truckload of 2.8M dead bees brought to EPA in pesticide protest

On the 22nd of June, beekeepers, organic farmers, and pro-Earth actvists parked a truck carrying the bodies of 2.8 million dead bees in front of the offices of the EPA. The dead bees were from 75 hives destroyed by pesticides sold by corporations like Bayer and Monsanto. On the grass between the truck and the Environmental Protection Agency's offices, speaker after speaker warned that no bees means no food. A third of all food produced in the US is either pollinated by bees or in the case of some animal products derived from such crops fed to animals.

In MD, consumer use of the deadly, bee-killing "neo-nicotinoid" pesticides has been banned, handing a huge defeat to Bayer, Syngenta, and Monsanto. Now activists and farmers who depend on pollinators are trying to duplicate these results nationwide and exend them to ALL use of these chemicals. Meanwhile, the pesticide makers are attempting to set farmers who do not depend on bees against those who do to block this effort.

Video from the protest-including load of 2.8M dead bees parked at EPA

2.8M dead bees brought to the EPA
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