Standing Rock update: police fire at water protectors with "less lethal" rounds-again

On the 27th of December, about 50 unarmed water protectors approached the barricaded bridge on Highway 1806, possibly checking reports that the police were taking down the razor wire and other barricades. The barricades were still there-and police opened fire with "less lethal" munitions, also pursuing the water protectors. They were then reported to be pursuing the water protectors but apparently couild not catch them in the snow or were to drive them off rather than capture them.

The only reported arrests were of four people holding a prayer circle on Turtle Island. The Turtle Island referred to here is a small island in the river spanned by the blocked bridge, not the entire continent of the same name.

Here are the Ruth Hopkins Twitter reports:

Water protectors are currently at the top of Turtle Island in a prayer circle. 4 have been arrested while praying. #NoDAPL
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Ruth Hopkins ‏@RuthHHopkins 18h18 hours ago

Some water protectors gathered at the bridge tonight. They were shot at. They've since left. Barricade is up #NoDAPL
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DAPL's two year contract expires on January 1, 2017, in 5 days. Water protectors at camp still hold the line. #NoDAPL
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Ruth Hopkins ‏@RuthHHopkins 22h22 hours ago

WWI-style barricades are still up, contrary to earlier report police were removing them. Ruth Hopkins photo

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