Mountaintop Removal protest at PNC Bank

On the 5th of July, a PNC Bank account holder backed by Climate First! and Earth Quaker Action Team showed up at PNC Bank to demand that they stop investing in mountaintop removal coal mining.

Video focussing on account holder and the manager's response to her

The branch manager attempted to deflect the account holder's demands and questions by saying he could only discuss her account specifically. She responded that what PNC Bank does with her money most certainly does affect her account, and that if PNC Bank refuses to negotiate she might end up closing the account

PNC Bank claims to be an environmetally responsible, even a "green" bank, yet they are one of the largest investors in mountaintop removal coal mining. That means all that green talk is nothing but lies. If PNC Bank is lying about being a green bank, what else are they lying about? Can their word about the safety of investments and accounts be taken at face value, given the proven lies elsewhere?

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