Trump adviser Stephen Miller gets another home demo

Video compilation-march from ICE to home of Stephen Miller 2 min 25 sec

On the 12th of December, WERK Not Walls marched on the home of Donald Trump's political adviser Stephen Miller after a stopover at ICE. This is at least the second time Stephen Miller has had protesters at his house. Stephen Miller is the thug who first suggested to Trump that families be separated at the border to deter migration

Stephen Miller is known for as the "architect" of both Trump's (for now halted) family separation policy at the border, and of his infamous Muslim Ban that started the Trump era in a blizzard of airport protests. Miller is one of the worst engineers of hate in the entire Trump cabinet and has been a repeated protest target as a result.

On the 30th of June 2018, anti-Fascist protesters showed up at Stephen Miller's home during the family separation crisis created by Miller's sickening advice to Trump. Those who implement policies of hate as well as those who spread the propaganda of hate have been put on notice time and again that the consequences of hate don't stop at the office but can and will follow them home.

WERK Not Walls is the same activists who organized the famous Jan 18, 2017 march on the home of now Vice President Michael Pence, who is a known supporter of "Christian Dominionist" political theory. Christian Dominionism holds that the Christian Bible is equal to the US Constitution in governing US law. This differs from the politics of Daesh(ISIS) mostly in the name given to their god.

Photo by Alejandro Alvarez

Confetting tossed in the air on the way to Stephen Miller's house (Photo by Alejandro Alvarez)

The scene outside Stephen Miller's house (Still from Alejandro Alvarez video clip)

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