Thousands rally for Michael Brown in Malcolm X Park

On the 14th of August, several thousand people in a very diverse crowd showed up for a rally billed as a "moment of silence" to remember Michael Brown, murdered by Ferguson, MO cops.

Video from the rally in Malcolm X Park

"News2Share" Youtube video of smaller street march afterwards

The rally was so big that after the moment of silence a reported march of maybe 10-20% of the participants was able to slip away unnoticed by anyone in my crew, bound for Howard University. I never found them, but I did find a lot of cops hanging around Howard. There was a substantial police presence at Malcolm X park as well, including Captain(formerly Sgt) Reed, notorious for violence against Occupy DC. There were a few calls from the crowd for much more militant action, but those calls did not seem to take hold, possibly as none of Michael Brown's murderers have a home or an office in DC. I also heard talk about the insane housing and rent situation in DC, however, something the landlords and condo owners might want to think about before a DC cops shoots someone in a front-line neighborhood for buying a pack of gum.

Earlier in the day, references to "1967" were heard on the street here in DC.

The same evening, the NYPD attacked Michael Brown marchers, kettling the entire march, then letting some people "go" and immediately arresting them. DC Media Group videographer "James from the Internet" reported being caught in the NYPD kettle and livestreaming video from inside. In St Louis there was en even uglier report that a pastor trying to dissuade the crowd from taking militant direct action the previous night was shot with a rubber bullet by police, raising a severe bruise the size of a dinner plate

In North Carolina Anarchists destroyed three police cruisers in solidarity both with the Michael Brown/Ferguson protests and with Luke o'Donovan, sentenced to two years in prison plus exile from Georgia for defending himself from three armed gaybashers with a knife.

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