Fund Care Not Cops march takes to the streets, heckles Trump Hotel

Video-marchers at Trump Hotel 56 sec

On the 12th of June, several DC neighborhood based groups backed by Empower DC and Democratic Socialists of America marched from Federal court to Freedom Plaza with a "Fund care not cops" demand. On the way they stopped to boo and heckle Trump Hotel. This is a continuation of two weeks of protests for George Floyd and so many others murdered by police.

A few blocks to the north, the 8 foot fence around Lafayette Square has been removed, and many of the posters that adorned it have been transferred to the boards covering the windows of the US Chamber of Commerce building.

The march at Trump Hotel

Starting rally at John Marshall Park by the Federal courthouse

A speaker at the starting rally

In front of St John's Church

Seen on 16th st near the White House

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