BLM, anti-Fascists break up fascist anti-migrant rally on Freedom Plaza

Video: BLM and antifascists shut down anti-migrant hate rally 1 min 21 sec

On the 3ed of July, a small crew of fascists and Trumpers from nearby Harry's Bar held an anti-migrant hate rally on Freedom Plaza. Black Lives Matter supporters and antifascists descended on them to counterprotest. Cops held them apart until a second BLM contingent came in behind the police. At that point, cops folded their hand, and the fascists had to literally strike (lower) their flags and leave.

As a rule, cops are not happy with being meat in a "cop sandwitch" made with genuine Antifa bread and a fashy filling.

As in prior incidents in that area, the fascists were based out of Harry's Bar, an "Americana" bar attached to the Hotel Harrington. This establishment has a long history of harboring Trump, fascist, and Nazi events. This time around they may also be harboring COVID-19, as neither masks nor any form of social distancing were visible among the packed crowd of pro-Trump July 4 partiers the fascists were embedded in. A baying mob screaming Posobiec/Cernovich talking points poured out of that sidewalk when a single antifa journalist rode by on a bicycle. Just one of those maskless screamers with COVID-19 could infect all the others. Perhaps Harry's Bar should be renamed "Club Covid" in the interests of full disclosure.

Counterprotesters literally forced a fascist/MAGAt rally to strike their flags

Fascists/Trumpers surrounded

A baying mob poured out of Harry's bar to pursue a single antifa journalist minutes before the rally was broken up

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