Protesters chase fascists and Trumpers through July 4 crowds

Video: chasing the fash through the Monument area, and Harry's Bar gets shut down 5 min 29 sec

On the 4th of July, a toxic mix of Proud Boys, MAGAts (Trumpers) and other far-right supporters descended on DC seeking confrontations with Black Lives Matter protesters. They got their confrontations but not their desired outcome. The "Fuck the Police march" put them to flight, chasing them through the Washington Monument area and eventually back to their base at Harry's Bar.

The day had featured ever growing marches, and in rich neighborhoods the chant of "fire, fire, gentrifier!" rose up. As evening approached Refuse Fascism staged a fiery "flag burning challenge" in front of the White House on H Street. Then came the Fuck the Police march, which caught the fascists somewhere around 15th st and confrontations began. Smoky chaos ensued as protesters pursued fascists to the Washinton Monument and a Park Police cruiser became trapped. Russian patriotic music (1812 Overture) played as fireworks dazzled and smoke filled the air.

The end of the night featured the police shutting down Harry's Bar for hosting so many Nazis and Trumpers as to exceed their legal capacity. A Proud Boys flag was seen there alongside the Trump and US flags, confirming the presence of full-on white supremacists. There were no masks and no social distancing at the Harry's Bar "Covid party" whatsoever, and the bar was violating social distancing restrictions as a result. Also the total numbers were well over legal capacity, a COVID outbreak waiting to happen. Police lines blocked access to the area in a halfhearted attempt to keep antifascist and Black Lives Matter protesters from heckling the fascists as they exited the area in small groups. These groups were then further pursued in the streets.

This is probably the best photo anyone got of the smoky chaos at the Monument. It made the rounds of listservs etc from someone's FB post.

Police line at Washington Monument at Park Police seek to extract trapped squad car while protecting Trumpers

Park Police surrounded

Showdown at the Washington Monument

Black Lives Matter and a red flag at the Washington Monument

Smoky chaos as the fireworks began and Russian patriotic music played on the official fireworks sound system

Pyrotechnic fireworks light up political fireworks

Fireworks mortars firing

Fascist crowds at Harry's Bar (a tradition there) were a real COVID party this time around

Cops protecting the fascists while ordering Harry's Bar closed for the night

At the end of the night, 16th st was occupied and tents pitched for the second night in a row

Hard fascist presence confirmed: this is the Proud Boys flag at the Harry's Bar COVID party

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