Fuck the Police march reaches BLM Plaza just in time to stop police harassment

On the 18th of July, MPD attempted to intimidate protesters into leaving BLM Plaza-just before the "Fuck the Police" march arrived and by their presence ended the police offensive. The John Lewis Vigil and midnight yoga then took place without further harassment. En route, the FTP march chanted "Fire, fire, gentrifier! in Adams-Morgan and other gentrified areas.

Video-marchers chant "fire, fire, gentrifier!" in Adams-Morgan 33 sec

The march arrives at BLM Plaza, ending police attempts to scare away protesters

Near start of march: a new BLM flag that lampoons the "thin blue line" cop flag

Another view of the new flag

Passing through Adams-Morgan, chanting "fire, fire, gentrifier!"

Vigil for John Lewis on BLM Plaza

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