Wheels for Justice bike ride takes I-395

On the 19th of July, exactly a month after the Pike statue outside MPD was torn down, the "Wheels for Justice" bike ride took to the streets. The highlight of the ride was taking over I-395.

Video-the ride on I-395 2 min 20 sec

The ride began in Malcolm X Park and rode down 16th st to Black Lives Matter Plaza. Then came the ride south to the MLK memorial and from there onto Independence Ave. From there rider swarmed onto the freeway, where a prepositioned car waited with bottles of water to quench the burning heat of riding hard on the hottest day yet of the year. Finally the ride descended the 6th st ramp, returned to surface streets, and worked its way back to Malcolm X Park. Chants of "no justice no peace," and "shut it down" rang out throughout the ride.

Wheels for Justice on I-395

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