Sunset yoga sessions hold space on BLM Plaza

Black Lives Matter protesters are still holding out on and around Black Lives Matter Plaza. Major protests almost always stop there, and on July 28, organizers held one of their periodic sunset yoga session there. Also midnight yoga has been held on some weekend nights.

Cops left the protesters alone tonight. Bowser seems to have figured out what Trump has failed to realize in Portland: police harassment brings protesters storming back in droves. Those who have been harassed for "vending" even while not accepting money have simply moved their operations back to the N side of K st, out of range of Bowser's bullshit "no-vending zone."

As for actual vending, Bowser's obsession with it may stem from a desire to inflict an economic quarantine on protesters, so as to make replacement of supplies used up or destroyed by police in previous incidents as difficult and expensive as possible.

Sunset yoga on BLM Plaza

Only two cops enforcing isolation of St John's from the public

Number of cops pinned down on Vermont Ave by protesters is declining but may still prevent many arrests by taking these cops out of the rest of the city

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