"Protest and Paint" and bikes on BLM Plaza

Video-the bike riders come through BLM Plaza 47 sec

On the 29th of July, Black Lives Matter activists held a "protest and paint" sign painting on BLM Plaza to prepare for Saturday's big push. Back on July 16, cops harassed a similar sign painting session, this time MPD had the good sense to stay away. About an hour and a half into this, activists on bikes rode through the Plaza as part of an evening ride.

When the bike riders hit the open streets, they picked up the pace big-time, well beyond anything that would be seen at a DC Bike Party or a Critical Mass ride. In fact, riders kept up an effective training pace. Many of the street marches and hotter protests have been supported by bike blocs that serve as highly effective cavalry support. Bikers in protests scout, hold space, and respond rapidly to threats. The sheer speed and maneuverability of many of these riders far surpasses that of MPD's bike cops, who have repeated run from bike cavalry during protests. Well, any bike racer or BMX rider would likely advise that coffee and donuts are NOT what you want to eat before a race or a training ride.

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