Get Your Knee Off Our Necks Rally & March B Roll

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Thousands join a massive rally on the 53rd anniversary of the historic March on Washington to call for passing the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act of 2020, the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020, and to vote Donald Trump out of office on November 3.


Nat sound over wide shots:

0:00 Rev. Al Sharpton, National Action Network

8:20 Tamika, mother of Brianna Taylor

10:04 Philonise Floyd, brother of George Floyd

10:11 "George Floyd"

11:54 signs and crowd listening

B Roll of March:

16:26 early marchers

17:19 The March

35:38 March new angle

36:26 Rev. Al Sharpton

36:49 Chants

38:02 @ MLK Memorial

39:24 Art by Greg Mills

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