Mayor Bowser gets TWO home demos in one night over Deon Kay murder by MPD

Video-Sunrise Movement at Bowser's house 3 min 2 sec

On the night and morning of Sep 2-3, protesters showed up not once but twice at Mayor Bowser's swanky home near Rock Creek Park.Demands were that the mayor fire police chief Newsham, and that MPD be defunded and the money redirected to communities.

The first protest was at around midnight, carried out by folks who travelled there from the protest at MPD's 7D headquarters in Anacostia. Hours later, the Sunrise Movement showed up at maybe 7AM for a second round. This may be the first time anyone in DC has had protesters at their house twice in a single night. Slogan around this was "we don't get no justice, you don't get no sleep!"

Sunrise Movement at their early morning protest at Bowser's house

March heading to Bowser's house

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