No Justice No Sleep for #MayorBowser

#DeonKay #SunriseMovementDC calls for Mayor Bowser to fire Police Chief Newsham after yet another young Black man is killed by police in DC.

YouTube Link Part One
YouTube Link Part Two

0:00 Preparing to march

7:18 march begins

21:15 arrival at Mayor Bowser's residence

24:58 "we've seen this ... and time again"

25:49 "Fire Newsham! Say his name! Deon Kay!"

28:53 Second speaker, Sunrise Movement

35:14 Third speaker Natacia Knapper, Stop Police Terror Project

39:54 "Black Lives Matter!"

41:26 Fourth speaker. Sunrise Movement

46:39 "Which Side Are You On?"

50:41 Fifth speaker, white Washingtonian

52:48 Sixth speaker, Aschina (?)

56:16 Seventh speaker, Sunrise Movement


Continued in second link:

0:00 continued

1:32 poem: "Could We Please Give the Police Department to the Grandmothers"

8:50 "Defund the police!"

14:41 Speaker: John Henry Williams, Sunrise Movement

28:22 Singing, chanting, closing


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