Protesters beseige both 3D and 7D cop stations for Deon Kay

Video:They/Them at 3D-cops only in the frame, entire Deon Kay speakout on audio 3 min 59 sec

The 5th of September featured many protests for Deon Kay in DC. Both the 7D stationhouse and the 3D stationhouse were beseiged by protesters. The They/Them march got a much friendlier reception from 18th st diners than in prior weeks due to the cops murdering Deon Kay.That march later bsesiged 3D. As the march dispersed, police suddently threw several bikes at one person and arrested them on unknown charges.

With targetted arrests taking place, the Federal disappearances in Portland and elsewhere, the threats from Trump, one known police death squad killing in Portland (Reinoehl), and fascists shooting protesters elsewhere, it has been deemed unsafe to video or photograph faces of participants in the more militant marches. Close control of what was filmed changed the Twitter narrative of the They/Them march by denying far-right Twitter accounts raw material to tell false stories about the protesters. It also forced the cops to resort to using their own bright lights to identify the person they wanted to arrest, since they were unable to simply pull up someone's close-range livesteam showing faces, shoes, etc. Thus, the tactic chosen by the author of this story was to "treat the camera as a weapon-point it at the Enemy." Cops do not like being videoed committing crimes, being doxxed later using that video, etc.

Earlier on Sep 5 and in daylight, the PSL (Party For Socialism and Liberation) held a rally at DC's 7D police headquarters, home of the cops who actually carried out the murder of Deon Kay. All of MPD and Mayor Bowser bear shared responsability for this killing of course, as all of them promote and practice the kind of policing that treats Black and Brown people as guilty until proven innocent and as enemies whose neighborhoods are to be conquered so the condos can come.

Still another protest was held on Black Lives Matter protest by Refuse Fascism, taking it to the very site where cops opened fire with a blizzard of tear gas, rubber bullets, and stingball grenades just one week earlier. This is also the site of the infamous Donald Trump-ordered tear gas attack by Federal troops on June 1 that made way for Trump's chest-beating press conference at St John's Church.

Bike cops line up to defend 3D from hundreds of protesters. Protesters off-camera for security reasons

Protesters set their own bike line countering the police bike line to defend protesters against any sudden assault by police

Cops brought out big pepper spray "fire extinguisher" style device. Using tear gas at their own station would be a major mistake...

Cops turn bright lights on protest just before dispersal at Dupont Circle. This may have been to allow identifying someone for the targetted arrest that brought dispersing protesters swarming back.

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