Pro-Trump "Walk Away" march assaults journalist and BLM protesters, uses Nazi chants

Video-Walk Away march security attempts to forcibly prevent anti-fascist videographer from filming 1 min 19 sec

On the 3ed of October, the pro-Trump "Walk Away" (from Dems) march acted like a hornet's nest poked with a stick at any sighting of antifascists or Black Lives Matter. On 15th st their official marked security goons assauted an Antifa journalist, who had to physically pry one of their hands off his equipment. Shortly after this attack on the videographer, the Trump marchers were chanting ""Antifa has to go" only to have the still on-site videographer (having shaken the three attackers) circle around and chant "Antifa is right here!" back at them. They took no further action.

Later, as BLM protesters confronted the Trumpers with nothing more than megaphones in siren mode, a swirling melee of US Park Police police assaults and screaming Trumpers broke out, three reported arrests.This is in contrast to the use by Christian Fundamentalists of the exact same tactic at the Supreme Court on Sep 27 to absolutely NO response by US Park Police. At the #walkaway march, a huge number of Park Police suddenly pushed into the scene, swarmed and tackled three people. Counterprotesters did not have the numbers or the equipment (e.g shields, helmets, gas masks etc) to defend themselves from this vicious police attack.Update Oct 4:T Jones_Media reports that the attack began with a Park Police cop grabbing a protesters megaphone and escalated from there.

On top of all else, Black House News is reporting on Twitter that "Sieg Heil" was chanted by some in the #walkaway march. This has not been uncommon at recent pro-Trump events, where it is sometimes followed by "Heil Trump." The "security" force of the #walkaway march was either Proud Boys or Proud Boys wannabe's, it is not confirmed which. The Proud Boys could well be angling to replace Secret Service as Trump's "SS."

(Videographer's note: I could not film the attackers putting a hand on my bike, as defense against a potential strong-arm robbery is a two-handed job)

Park Police swarm and tackle one of three activists arrested for peacefully counterprotesting the MAGAT horde with bullhorns(still from Keven R Hogan's NTD video)

Two of the MAGA security goons, one of them marked. Three in total appeared to be participating in the failed attempt to forcibly prevent a antifa videographer from filming

Close-up of some of the pro-Trump marchers

"Praetorian" T-Shirt on this Trump marcher (possible guard?)

Redacted photo of one of the three arrests on the Mall as MAGATs and cops reacted like a hornet's nest poked with a stick to the presence of BLM counterprotesters

(earlier)MAGAT security closes in for second attempt on Antifa jourianlist after grabbing (assaulting under the law) him failed to stop the filming

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