Breaking: Fascists no-show on Capitol Hill on March 4

For all the bluster from Qanon fools about storming the Capitol for a second time on March 4 and reinstalling Trump in the White House, nothing happened. The Washington Post called the threats "a mirage." This was the third no-show in a row for Trump's Fascist movement in DC: Jan 17, Jan 20(Biden's Inauguration), and now March 4 were all failures to appear on their part. Seems they lost on Jan 6 and know it.

Some are saying Q fools "shut down Congress" on March 4, but all that really happened was that the House moved up a vote scheduled for March 4 to the evening on March 3, thus pre-empting any attack on themselves. The Senate apparently conducted business as usual.

While there are still threats being made against Biden's joint address to Congress, these repeated no-shows imply that the ability of fascists to project power to cities they do not control (such as DC) has been greatly reduced by their January defeat and by the repeated failures of Qanon prophecies to come true. With luck, they will stay weakened at least until Trump's rallies to support his primary candidates against non-MAGAt GOP congressmen in the 2022 election.

Meanwhile, Capitol Police are asking that the National Guard's deployment at the US Capitol be extended for two more months, as of now it is scheduled to end on March 12.

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