Frontline Indigenous activists fighting pipelines march "Black Snake" to White House, kill it

Video-Black Snake slithers through Washington DC before being "killed" at White House 2 min 53 sec

On the first of April, Lakota, Anishabe, and other Indigenous activsts from the frontlines of such pipeline fights as DAPL, Enbridge Line 3, and many others gathered at the US Army Corps of Engineer. From there they marched a 300 foot long rendition of the Black Snake of prophecy to the White House, where two tripod sitters waited. On arrival, the "Black Snake Killaz" went to work.

As things began at the Corps of Engineers, the Lakota youth from Standing Rock attempted to deliver what looked like at least five boxes of petitions asking that pipeline permits be rejected to an official from the Corps. Security guards attempted without success to deny the media access to the area from which this could be seen. In the end, the staffer from the Corps of Engineers went back inside, without the petition boxes. Ford Fischer reports "A staffer came out and thanked the group for their advocacy but said they couldn't physically take the boxes inside."

Had that staffer accepted them, it's possible they would have been weighed(never counted by hand), maybe one would have been read but maybe not, and then all would have been shredded or incinerated. Such is the contempt of government officials for real people without industry campaign cash "contributions" to throw around. That is never shredded.

The attempted petition delivery was followed by a "die-in" on the sidewalk outside the Corps of Engineers, symbolizing all the people (and all the animals too) that oil spills into Indigenous waters have killed and are continuing to kill.

During the march to the White House, chants included "you can't drink oil, keep it in the soil," as well as "Black Snake Oil, keep it in the soil!" The Black Snake is a Lakota prophency of a great black snake who shall come from the north (like a Canadian pipeline) and spit venom into the water(like a broken pipeline). The Black Snake brings a time when all Indigenous people are forced to unite against the common foe. At one time, this was believed to have been the railroad that first trespassed on Lakota land, but now it is widely considered to be the Keystone XL(blocked), Dakota Access Pipeline(operating without a permit), the various Enbridge pipelines, and the rest of these spawn of trespassing multinational oil and gas corporations.

When the symbolic Black Snake was finally slain on Black Lives Matter Plaza, a warrior stabbing it with a staff shouted out for Indigenous women. The "man camps" associated with pipeline construction have become notorious for rape, disappearance of Indigenous women, and outright human trafficking. Many of these women are never seen again, and their blood is on the hands of the pipeline builders.

The Black Snake begins his final journey at the US Army Corps of Engineers

Even the U-Haul truck that delivered the props had a burning settler ship painted on it(one of the standard images)

The Black Snake sets out

Lead banners at the march

Tripods await the Black Snake: at the White House as on the front lines

The Black Snake cannot win this fight!

Killing the Black Snake (Still from Alejandro Alvarez video)

Many times this place has been a battlefield

This also will be the fate of the Dakota Access Pipeline, Enbridge Line 3, Mountain Valley Pipeline, and all of the many Black Snakes in this world!

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