Protesters march for police abolition in wake of Chauvin verdict

Video-cops in Blue Lives Matter masks block Metrobus 57 sec

On the 24th of April, Black Lives Matter protesters took to the streets nationally to demand that police departments and policing be abolished. One of these protests was in DC, and during this protest it was pointed out that 1 in 3 Black people killed by a stranger is killed by a cop.

It's not enough to convict a single cop for murder when more mostly young Black and Brown people are being shot and otherwise killed by cops every day.

As has been usual, bike cops swarmed around the protest . Two of them obstructed the passage of a Metrobus protesters tried to let pass and direct through an intersection activists were about to take over. These two cops both turned out to be wearing Thin Blue Line/Blue Lives Matter neck gators as their "masks." Beyond the racist and offensive political statement made on duty, these "neck gaiterr" single-layer cloth masks have been found to be ineffective at stopping droplets containing the covid-19 virus. They are good for disguise only, unlike normal cloth masks, surgical masks or especially N95/KN95 type masks.

The march ready to set out

These two MPD bike cops are in "thin blue line" neck gaitors ineffective against COVID-19. The Metrobus they blocked from continuing on its route is behind them

Bike cops behind the march. More were ahead of the march as well. Lots of tax $$$ being spent harassing protesters

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